Monday, November 18, 2019

When I Whistle by Shusaku Endo - Commentary Essay

When I Whistle by Shusaku Endo - Commentary - Essay Example He represents the competitive, fast paced and ambitious generation of young people in the modern world. Eiichi wants to get to the top. The drive to succeed is so important in his life that he is disgusted by the fact that his father takes things lightly. He considers his father a failure and does not want to end like him. For him his father is like a no good mediocre â€Å"fish in the pond†. It is through the character of Eiich that Edno successfully introduces the theme of change in his novel. Eiichi believes that the people should go for the best and get to the top positions. Ozu is happy the way he is. Eiichi appears as a contrast to his father. Ozu belongs to the time when relationships were given importance. It is evident from his relationships with Flatfish and Aiko. With Eiichi, it is different. He forgets about Tahara until he meets him again. Tahara appears a contrast to Eiichi. He is more concerned about his patients as he saysâ€Å" Im not interested in anything but his illness". But for Eiichi what is important is not the health of the patient but the knowledge that he derives from each different. He has no respect for his patients. He tries the new drug on Aiko that has a negative effect on her. He is disgusted to see the element of honor in Tahara who is eventually kicked out of the dispensary for not obeying the orders. Eiichi is more ambitious and admires Dr. Li. He respects him more than his own father. He believes that Dr Li has something that makes him different from others and has made him a leader rather than his own father to whom he refers to as a â€Å"pusho ver†. This symbolizes the attitude of the modern generation towards their parents. Eiichi along with Dr. Uchida, Kurihara and Dr. Li represent the materialistic people of the modern world. Tahara is kicked out of the group because his morality has no place in the modern world. The lack of ethical and moral values of the modern

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