Sunday, December 22, 2019

Marketing Tools That Can Help Marketers Capture Their Target Market Term Paper

Essays on Marketing Tools That Can Help Marketers Capture Their Target Market Better Term Paper The paper "Marketing Tools That Can Help Marketers Capture Their Target Market Better" is a brilliant example of a term paper on marketing. The world has been using different media of communication to market their product. With the advent of technology; the growth in this sector has been a phenomenon. The human world has been using different forms of media like mobiles, iPods, internet, SMS, social media and other forms of media to advertise their product. The marketers, as a result, are looking towards identifying the different techniques and tools which will help to improve the marketing strategies.Purpose of the reportTo identify the different direct marketing tools which are gaining prominence in the marketing worldTo identify the advantages and disadvantages the different direct marketing tools have for marketers.To identify the different products that can be marketed through direct marketing toolsScope limitation of the reportThe report looks towards presenting the manner in w hich the new marketing tools like social media, mobile, SMS, iPods help marketers to market the product. To understand it various examples have been drawn along with the growth in the usage of these devices over the years.The report looks into the qualitative aspect of the new marketing tool but ignores the quantitative aspect as no survey is carried out to gather the information both from the marketers and the customers.Consumer Buying BehaviourConsumer buying behavior â€Å"is a process of deciding what to purchase after analyzing various factors† (Tyagi Arun, 2008). â€Å"It’s very difficult to find out what customers prefer as their behavior is irrational† (Abraham, 2009). The buying habit depends on a lot of factors. This makes it tough for the companies to decide which all factors they will consider while making a forecast. So, the job of marketers increases. Marketers need to be very alert and even the slightest of information needs to be communicated el se it will result in the piling of huge stocks. It is important that marketers put in their best effort and try to understand what customers want so that the product can be designed accordingly. This has made it possible for marketers to use new marketing tactics due to the development of technology.Using Social Media for marketingThe usage of social media has also â€Å"strengthened the marketing as marketers use blogs to demonstrate their products where customers are able to understand the product better†. (Kotler, 2002) This helps to create a chain of the customer. Higher customer satisfaction will ensure that more consumers purchase a similar product thereby increasing their bargaining power and will help them to ensure customer satisfaction increases. This will help marketers achieve the objective and ensure that the relationship improves.A study has also shown that enterprise needs to spend time to improve the quality of service provided by reducing stress and freeing u p time to come with product development so that it helps to improve the productivity and the financial figure (Lucas David, 2008).

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