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Racism Systematic Desensitization And Racism Essay

Injustice: Systematic Desensitization to Racism The history of America has long been viewed by its’s occupants as one of perseverance despite great odds. We take pride in fighting for democracy and promoting freedom around the world. But, at home these tenants of democracy, equal rights and freedom are all relative; to race, gender and class. The Bill of rights offers some insight into who we should be as a nation; while reminding us of who we have not yet become. America’s â€Å"id† has always been moderated by an â€Å"ego† cocktail of social, scientific and political activists. America is at its best when the differences between right and wrong are clearly defined by scholars, artists and scientists who can’t be ignored because of their expertise and ability to present evidence that cannot be refuted. The result of this collective standardization of right and wrong usually leads to change for the greater American good. However, it seems that our collective â€Å"ego† cannot keep our â€Å"id† in check where racism is the primary focus. The resulting effect is pervasive systematic discrimination and individual desensitization to hate that causes a negative impact on people of color’s psychological and physiological well-being. The psychiatric profession s primary index for diagnosing psychiatric symptoms, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), does not include racism, prejudice, or bigotry as a category or diagnosis in its text or index. Therefore, there isShow MoreRelatedAnxiety Disorders—Such As Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,1277 Words   |  6 Pagesevent that causes anxiety in a patient can be done in the presence of a therapist, or it can be self-managed in the patient’s natural environment. Exposure therapy began being developed half a century ago with Joseph Wolpe’s systematic desensitization. Systematic desensitization is a brief/graduated method of exposure therapy that gets patients to become increasingly more exposed to an anxiety-evoking stimulus or situation, while engaging in a competing behavior. This therapy had three primary stepsRead MoreThe Right Side Of History : The Civil Rights Movement1228 Words   |  5 PagesThe word ‘freedom’ has been utilized as a tool for social justice; however, due to its versatility, it may also be used as a weapon of destruction. When history is examined, it is often true that one man’s ‘freedom’ is another man’s oppression. Systematic institutionalization of the ideology that race was anything more than a social construct helped prolong the oppression of America’s black community past slavery which transformed into segregation. The strict enforcement of segregation prohib itedRead MoreThe Extermination Of Jews By Nazi Germany Essay1438 Words   |  6 Pages Perhaps thoroughly understanding the mindset that fosters the escalation of racism, hate, and even apathy may gear society with the tools needed to prevent history’s repetition. First and foremost, one may look to Hitler’s weapons: SS soldiers. At face value, it is easy to assume that these individuals had arguably more sadist tendencies than the Fuhrer himself, as they were most intimately involved in the systematic murder of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and handicapped individuals. CertainlyRead MoreFactors for Abnormal Behavior. 1798 Words   |  8 Pagestraumatic event (Brewin et al., 1996) ï‚ § Recovering from child abuse may be related to the patients tendency to think the abuse was their fault - patients who did not think it was their fault were more likely to recover †¢ Sociocultural ï‚ § People exposed to racism and oppression are more likely to develop PTSD †¢ Vietnam War veterans (Roysircar, 2000) †¢ 20.6% black developed PTSD †¢ 27.6% hispanic developed PTSD †¢ 13% white developed PTSD ï‚ § Threat of death linked to PTSD so patients should avoid situationsRead MoreA Personal Experience With Mexican American Culture2130 Words   |  9 PagesAmerican person’s diet affects their weight and overall health. Consequences of Oppression One might say Mrs. Garcia was fortunate and was not directly affected by a considerable amount of oppression. Although, when asked about any experiences of racism or prejudice she recounted an incident she had shortly after coming to the United States. Mrs. Garcia described an event when she attended a church service, and once the service had ended, she approached the priest inquiring if there were any SpanishRead MoreCulturally Adapted Acceptance And Commitment Therapy For Treating Depression Among Latino Adults9015 Words   |  37 PagesAmong African Americans. African Americans tend to report increased lifetime panic, as well as physical symptoms (somatization disorder) and disability (Brown, Schulberg, Madonia, 1996). Among African American men, depression is associated with racism/discrimination, psychosocial coping, and economic status/income (Watkins, Green, Rivers, Rowell, 2006). African Americans, more so among older populations, tend to use spiritual adaptive strategies to resolve negative life circumstances that mayRead MoreImpact of Print Media on Society10439 Words   |  42 Pagesviolence involves priming, providing cues for aggression that interact with one’s emotional state to provoke violence or aggression (Jo and Berkowitz, 1994). Other effects of exposure to media violence happen to be opposite in nature: desensitization and fear. Desensitization is the subsequent reduction in emotion from repeatedly witnessing violence. The negative impact could include a reluctance to aid victims or a reduced inhibition against committing violent acts (Dexter, et. al., 1997). The fear responseRead MoreGp Essay Mainpoints24643 Words   |  99 Pagesblunt instrument. Filtering software isn’t particularly selective. By filtering the words ‘hate’, software will certainly screen out most hate Web sites but may also block access to valuable and legitimate resources such as sites dedicated to anti-racism, Jewish culture, war museums etc. †¢ Forbidden fruit effect †¢ A critical analysis on the media will inspire youths to question why violence is so prevalent in our media today †¢ Help them to realize that media is not a reflection of reality

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