Thursday, February 13, 2020

Abortion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

Abortion - Essay Example But on the other hand, reasons for abortions have not always included health risks. The key questions continually in debate are about the constitutional rights to an abortion, whether the fetus is a person and the morality of an abortion. The legal and moral decisions are based somewhat on the whether one believes that the fetus is a person. Dr Schwarz contends that the fetus is a person, as he describes, â€Å"a fully real person, the same person he will later be. He is only smaller, less developed, in a different environment, and more dependent, in comparison to a born baby†. He believes that the term fetus means â€Å"young one† and so it indicates a young human person. We have to consider what is the difference between the fetus in the womb and the child that is born few minutes after. He argues that once the fetus exhibits the traits which determine personhood, i.e. consciousness, (especially the capacity to feel pain), reasoning, self-motivated activity and the capacity to communicate, then in fact it must be considered a person. This is in keeping with the views of the pro-life supporters who believe that the fetus is a human being from the moment of conception- once the egg and sperm unite. According to this view the fetus has legal rights from this moment of conception. On the other hand there are pro-choice defenders (who believe that the mother has the right to decide on an abortion) who believe the fetus is only a potential human being when it becomes viable, that is, able to survive outside its mother’s womb. Until then the mother carrying the fetus has legal rights over the fetus and can decide whether or not to have an abortion. However according to Encarta, there is no definite consensus on whether the fetus is a person on not. . As they explain, â€Å" Embryology, the study of fetal development, offers little insight about the fetus’s status at the time of

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